Staff Recognition

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Thank You Notes


Thank you notes are personal notes sent one-to-one from one community member to another to share thanks with a colleague directly. The contents of the thank you note are not shared with anyone other than the person being thanked. Thank you notes are available at all times:


The Friedman School and Tufts University have special staff recognition programs Learn More


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High Five Award


High Five Awards are for a more substantial recognition than a thank you note and are used to acknowledge Friedman School staff who identify a work-related need and take the initiative to make a specific contribution, who skillfully handle a situation or problem, or who go above and beyond what is normally expected of them. The award submission must include specific reason(s) why the staff member is deserving of the recognition and should be submitted within days or a few weeks of their achievement.


They will be shared with the staff member’s supervisor and posted on the Administration portal for the Friedman School community to view after a brief review by the Business Operations staff.


High Five Award recipients will be considered for periodic Friedman School-related swag item giveaways.


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Friedman School Recognition Award


The Friedman School staff recognition award program is designed to recognize a staff member who demonstrates exceptional contributions to the Friedman School, extraordinary service, dedication, a commitment to excellence, and/or actions beyond the standard expectations of their role. It is the highest level of formal recognition at the Friedman School.


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